Paid search advertising report shows who spends the most on Google AdWords

Paid search advertising report shows who spends the most on Google AdWords

Kantar Media introduced syndicated reporting of paid search advertising that ranks advertisers in paid search advertising.

The company will become the first media research provider to offer a syndicated service monitoring online paid search activity, which represented a .4 billion market during the fourth quarter of 2010 in the U.S. With this expansion, Kantar Media will also become the only source of competitive intelligence to monitor the entire online ad market, bringing methodic insight into display, video, ad networks and paid search advertising trends, as well as detailed data on spend, impressions and creative.

The new service will define for users those companies investing in paid search, expenditure allocated, keywords purchased, and the number of clicks keywords receive.

Kantar Media’s analysis of paid search advertisers for the 2010 holiday period, a crucial time period for e-commerce, shows significant investment from online retailers and travel companies in the top five. Interestingly, four financial companies feature among the top 10, three of them in the insurance category.

Syndicated search reporting will be integrated into Kantar Media’s StradegyTM application, which already provides comprehensive advertising information on 3 million brands across 21 media. As an additional medium, it will provide monthly reporting on paid search activity for Google’s U.S. search engine, giving subscribers granular, reliable data points on search advertisers. The service will also include historical data going back to January 2010, enabling the analysis of trends and shifts over time.

“Kantar Media’s new service brings us one step closer to a holistic perspective of the competitive dynamics occurring within the digital landscape,” says Gregory Aston, SVP, Director of Competitive Intelligence for MPG. “The core value is the ability to track evolving competitive strategies over time and raise the bar from telling digital anecdotes about our competitors to enabling more comprehensive, systematic analysis.”

“As the first to market with syndicated paid search reporting, Kantar Media Intelligence is now the only source of competitive intelligence that monitors the full array of digital advertising activity and can offer subscribers a single source of insights through a common methodology,” says Mark Nesbitt, President, Kantar Media Intelligence. “This innovative launch further establishes our position as the marketplace experts focused on tracking advertising wherever it appears.”

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Source: Kantar Media

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