New mobile products and revamped platform from Medibrix to create emotional connections

New mobile products and revamped platform from Medibrix to create emotional connections

To meet the rapidly accelerating expectations of mobile brand advertisers, MediaBrix a global leader in delivering emotionally charged brand connections through contextually relevant ad campaigns announced the launch of its re-imagined products and platform to advertisers. Building on the success of its flagship platform, MediaBrix transformed its targeting and delivery of emotional moments to be more intelligent, sensory, contextual, seamless, and effective – giving brands and agencies the power to create meaningful connections with consumers on mobile devices. Popular with hundreds of global brands, including Coca-Cola, BMW and Nestle, and thousands of applications for its additive brand experiences, MediaBrix has become the industry standard for turning advertising moments into welcome and endearing user-brand interactions within mobile apps and games.

Mediabrix platform

Leveraging its in-stream analytics, MediaBrix’s re-engineered solution and delivery of ads precisely timed for Breakthrough Momentsâ„¢ have deciphered how mobile users best connect with brands through apps; ultimately achieving campaign performance over 500 percent higher than other digital formats.
With these changes, brands and agencies can expect a completely unified experience between ads and the apps they appear in – from timing, to look and feel, to call-to-action. As an additional benefit, MediaBrix will also soon allow for programmatic purchasing of these high impact ad formats through a private marketplace. On the backend, the new products show off design continuity with a greater emphasis on enhanced human interaction and sensory marketing, including on-screen buttons ergonomically placed within thumbs reach on larger mobile devices, plus sound and haptics that stimulate the senses to enhance emotional reactions. Each of these factors ensure that brand campaigns are reaching users at the right moment, when they are most receptive to a contextualized and additive brand experience.

In a time when most mobile advertising is largely considered both interruptive and annoying, which is damaging brands and the user experience alike, MediaBrix has created the playbook for how to leverage neuromarketing techniques to ensure mobile in-app ads are well-received and actionable by real users. By testing hundreds of ad experiences in the MediaBrix Labs, the company was able to identify the formula that increased user receptivity and interaction. “The vast majority of mobile advertising solutions are poorly executed, ineffective holdovers from desktop strategies – resulting in worthless impressions and delivering a negative ROI for the advertiser and user. These limited options have become the catalyst for the ad industry to become lazy, complacent, and unimaginative, but MediaBrix is among the innovators attempting to stop another digital platform from being destroyed,” points out Ari Brandt, CEO of MediaBrix. “I’m incredibly proud and inspired by the work done here at MediaBrix, where we are disrupting an industry by taking the disruption out of the product, itself. And we’ve shown that when we can make users respond, smart brands marketers are fast to follow.”

Expectations are changing rapidly, and more brands and agencies are looking to see metrics backup return on investment, and sentiment growing stronger as a result of these engagements.

“Mobile advertising helps us reach our consumer base while they are engaged in-app, so our campaigns have higher visibility with a captured audience,” said DJ Perera, Director Consumer Marketing, Merial. “With MediaBrix, we had the flexibility to create custom content that was relevant to the consumers experience within the app. By connecting with them during pivotal moments in a premium environment, we are building brand awareness and forming bonds with consumers that we can nurture over time.”

About MediaBrix
MediaBrix delivers emotionally charged brand connections that maximize consumer receptivity during mobile advertising experiences. As the only solution of its kind, we Rescue, Rally and Reward users with our proprietary product suite when they are “emotionally available,” leading to in-app campaign engagement rates 500 percent higher than all other digital formats. Hundreds of the world’s top brands and thousands of leading app and game developers leverage the MediaBrix platform to deliver over 500 million contextually relevant Breakthrough Moments® to more than 200 million global mobile users each month, all with 100 percent viewability.

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