MediaTrust PerformanceExchange real-rime, quality based, CPC bid management platform

MediaTrust PerformanceExchange real-rime, quality based, CPC bid management platform

MediaTrust, a leading digital performance marketing company, took center stage at the LeadsCon conference to announce the launch of PerformanceExchange (MTPX). MTPX is an online performance-based marketing platform that connects advertisers with prospective new customers, in real-time, via MediaTrust’s quality-based proprietary CPC bidding system. Consolidating the management of multiple channels into one ad exchange, MTPX makes it easy for advertisers to generate sales and leads beyond traditional search and display advertising.

Starting with email as its first premium channel, MTPX delivers targeted ads to qualified customers. MTPX ads are wrapped in contextually relevant graphics, provided by MediaTrust, and the winning bidders’ text ads are dynamically served in real-time when the email is opened. MediaTrust’s proprietary algorithms optimize based on performance by serving ads with the highest probability to convert. After the winning ads are dynamically generated, MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange prices and routes subsequent traffic appropriately based on real-time bids and click quality metrics.

“MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange was built upon the notion that all clicks are not created equal,” said Peter Bordes, founder and CEO of MediaTrust. “What we’ve created is the next generation of the performance driven ad exchange and a quality centric platform. We built quality into MTPX from the start by integrating a proprietary combination of tools used to filter out low quality traffic and direct high quality traffic to winning bidders. The end result is a platform that benefits everyone, consumer included. Advertisers see higher ROI and conversions, publishers see higher RPC’s for the quality traffic they deliver, and consumers get relevant offers.”

Looking for proof? Bordes wouldn’t give away too many details, but he did smile and say that during MTPX’s beta in January and February, campaigns within its finance and education verticals that were run at scale yielded advertiser conversion rates between five and eight percent at very competitive CPCs.

“It’s not surprising that early feedback from our advertisers and publishers has been overwhelmingly positive,” added Bordes.

“We are thrilled to see MediaTrust take the drivers seat with their PerformanceExchange to deliver quality leads directly to advertisers,” said Jay Weintraub, founder of Leadscon. “We support companies like MediaTrust who look to create innovative tools and platforms to facilitate customer acquisition and a positive marketing experience—for advertisers, publishers and consumers—from start to finish. Platform approaches like MediaTrust’s PerformanceExchange can only help grow the lead generation and performance marketing industries.”

With its next generation content channel already under development, MTPX is soon to be a one-stop-shop for advertisers looking for quality leads, traffic and transactions beyond the search paradigm. For advertisers and publishers interested in joining MTPX, please contact MediaTrust’s advertiser and publisher partnership teams at [email protected]

About MediaTrust
MediaTrust makes pay-for-results online advertising easier and more cost-effective. MediaTrust offers an innovative online technology platform, supported by best-in-class service, and access to the best lead gen and direct response advertisers and quality affiliate publishers in the performance marketing industry. MediaTrust enables its partners to easily create and deploy pay-for-performance marketing campaigns that deliver clicks, leads and sales.

For the second consecutive year, MediaTrust has been named to Inc500s Fastest-Growing Companies list, by Inc. Magazine, for 2009 and 2010. Founded in 2004, MediaTrust is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York City.

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