Link building in SEO demystified

Link building in SEO demystified

Let’s discuss one of SEO’s crucial five forces, Link Building. What is it? How does one identify the need?

First of all, is Link Building only about getting links for your company’s site from other sites? No, not at all, Link Building is about creating relevant and reputable online relationships to improve a website’s search position for keywords.


Note: The article assumes that your company has determine the key terms that your target audience uses to find your product, service or website.


All search engines look at a site’s link network which consists of link popularity, relevance and reputation…a healthy link network means a site that will inevitably receive highly qualified direct traffic and increased ranking for crucial keywords.


What is Link Popularity, Relevance and Reputation?

  1. Link popularity – is a measurement used to determine the Link Building Infographicnumber of links pointing to a particular domain or page.
  2. Link relevance – a measure of accuracy given to a domain or its pages for ranking high for keywords a user is looking for within the natural search results.
  3. Link reputation – how long a given domain and its respective inbound links have been online as well as how prominently the domain is listed on those sites linking to it.

Expand and Improve your company’s online relationships

  1. Improve Link Reputation
    • Begin clean up of inbound links from sites with little history or no discernible reputation.
    • Ensure consistent messaging is being displayed and that accurate URLs are being used on existing inbound links.
    • Expand your company’s online relationships using a targeted or segmented approach

Rather than focus only on the home page to improve your Link Universe expand efforts by keyword thus targeting various demographics/segments


PR Opportunities

  • Secure inbound links via press releases
    Optimize press releases for maximum reach (journalists and analysts use Google too!)

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