Lawgical Local aims to provide law firms with localized search engine optimization

Lawgical Local aims to provide law firms with localized search engine optimization

You know when a recession is over when businesses come at us with interesting names, hyper-targeted services and leave you with more questions than answers. However, Bitshelf likes to see movement at all levels in support of the vast local economies since small businesses are the life blood of the US GDP.

Let’s keep Lawgical in our sights and if visitors have used them in the past, we’d love to hear from you.

Lawgical, the parent company of several trusted legal support networks, released their latest product called Lawgical Local. This service helps legal professionals achieve higher rankings in Google Places and other local search platforms, where according to, 70% of consumers are searching for services. Since most potential clients will use searches like “New York Paralegal” or “Chicago Criminal Attorney” to find legal professionals, local search optimization is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. Lawgical Local is a great service for legal professionals who don’t have time for the overwhelming process of optimizing their online presence for local search results but want to make sure their name is in front of the bulk of their clients.

Stu Perlmutter, a process server who uses Lawgical Local in tandem with other Lawgical marketing products explains, “I was looking for more work and wasn’t happy with my ranking.” After two months Perlmutter’s rankings began to change and work coming from out-of-state went through the roof. As a busy professional, Perlmutter prefers to leave his marketing strategy to the experts. “I don’t care how [my clients] found me,” he says, “It’s just important that they found me, and the people and products at Lawgical make that happen.”

“The Internet is constantly evolving and the ranking factors for local search are always changing,” company co-founder Trent Carlyle explains. “We guide our clients through what they should be doing to interact with their customers and how that engagement can have a positive impact on their rankings.”

The Lawgical Local service allows legal professionals to focus on running their business instead of spending hours each month setting-up, managing and monitoring their business online. Lawgical Local includes:

  1. hand submissions to dozens of the most critical local directories and social media platforms
  2. optimization of primary local listings including Google, Yahoo and Bing
  3. inclusion of business info in data feeds that populate the web’s most trafficked sites and online yellow pages
  4. ongoing monitoring of data accuracy
  5. ongoing guidance on strategies to continuously improve local and organic rankings.

About Lawgical

Lawgical provides online marketing and web-based solutions for legal professionals. The company’s portfolio is anchored by,,, and ServeManager – all leading brands in their respective industries. Lawgical also develops and manages software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for the legal industry.

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