Harmonize SEO with social media and user generated content (UGC)

Harmonize SEO with social media and user generated content (UGC)

I have worked with a number of clients in the past who are perplexed by the concept of search engine optimization of user generated content (UGC). I might add that, they at least understand both individually and have a good grasp of how each impacts their business. However, when it comes to integrating the two I tend to lose them.

I’d like to cover two things in today’s post…1) the three laws of UGC and 2) the application of SEO…

Ok, first the three laws of Social Media and UGC:

  1. Develop distinctive and meaningful content that attracts your target audience
  2. Provide them with the ability to find, organize and share that information
  3. Reward the activity, especially the active users who discover and proliferate the information…

Repeat Steps 1…you get the idea.


Now, the second…application of Search Engine Optimization:

This is actually the fun part from my perspective…

Create an editorial calendar that includes your target keywords, linguistic profile, and topics to produce content people care about
Ensure that you’re technology doesn’t create a walled garden, if it’s not findable in search, it’s not worth it. Part of the excitement is the fact that your visitors information, the stuff they’ve discovered, was found by being Google’d by others!
Let others know about your destination, particularly the editorial media…aka online Public Relations and link building.
Don’t be afraid to apply other social bookmarking options to your visitors, this is also part of the user’s reward.

This can all be done cost effectively, of course, it goes without saying you need a solid content strategy to facilitate my first law of UGC.

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