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Amobee gets serious about custom bid algorithms with TruSignal

March 8th, 2018 No comments

Amobee, a global digital technology company serving brands and agencies, announced enhancements to its platform that allow buyers to deploy custom data sets into Amobee’s bid modeling system. The feature launch empowers advertisers and their agencies to tailor their bid strategies against the data signals that matter most to them. Amobee tailors decision making ability on bid strategy for marketers through custom data sets and audience segments

As an initial proof of concept, Amobee partnered with TruSignal, Inc., a leader in predictive score marketing, to ingest its custom-built, predictive, people-based scores into the existing Amobee bidder and influence the real-time bids from the platform. Advertisers can leverage their own data models, and/or take advantage of TruSignal’s custom-built predictive scores, as they are fully integrated into the platform.

Amobee’s platform integration works by applying data from any provider as a variable that triggers real-time changes in an advertiser’s bid. By leveraging the power of the Amobee platform’s ability to integrate data, marketers can better fuel omnichannel engagement through cross-channel, programmatic media campaigns. With this unified offering, leading brands and agencies can plan and buy media for specific audiences in a more integrated way to maximize their investments across desktop, mobile, video and social.

“At Amobee, we are constantly seeking ways to maximize the results of client campaigns through enhanced decision making capabilities within the platform,” said Maxwell Knight, Amobee’s Vice President of Analytics Services. “By leveraging the power of outside data and custom audience segments, we provide brands and agencies a highly customized solution that multiplies their ability to reach the right audience at the right place and right time, across every digital channel, on any device.”

The ingestion and use of TruSignal data has shown a performance lift and a decrease in cost per action across multiple verticals and industries. In recent campaigns leveraging the TruSignal predictive scores, a clothing retailer experienced an approximately 65 percent performance lift while an automotive original equipment manufacturer experienced a 34 percent decrease in cost per action.

“Amobee is the first DSP to incorporate TruSignal’s Bid Price Optimizer™, derived using predictive scoring and our offline profile data across 220 million U.S. adults,” says David Dowhan, CEO and founder of TruSignal. “Already equipped with machine learning algorithms and data analytics, Amobee’s DSP drives optimal campaign performance and gives marketers the extra edge they need to stand-out in the competitive advertising ecosystem and further enhance campaign performance.”

One of the world’s largest independent advertising platforms, Amobee unifies key programmatic channels including all major social media platforms, formats and devices, to provide both managed- and self-service clients with easy-to-use data management and media planning capabilities as well as actionable, real-time market research and proprietary audience data.

Simplifying the delivery of advertising across all channels and screens, including video, display, mobile, and social, the platform includes the Amobee DSP, Amobee DMP, Brand Intelligence and DataMine analytics, which converts raw data into custom audience and campaign insights, empowering marketers to make more informed decisions.

About Amobee
Amobee is a technology company that transforms the way brands and agencies make marketing decisions. The Amobee Marketing Platform enables marketers to plan and activate cross channel, programmatic media campaigns using real-time market research, proprietary audience data, advanced analytics, and more than 150 integrated partners, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. Amobee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singtel, one of the largest communications technology companies in the world which reaches over 640 million mobile subscribers. The company operates across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit or follow @amobee.

About TruSignal
TruSignal, Inc. is a leader in Predictive Score Marketing: using offline data and predictive scoring to deliver an advanced and efficient way for brands, agencies, platforms and publishers to target more of the right people, at the right price, across every digital channel and device. TruSignal’s self-serve TruAudience® Platform is an easy, end-to-end solution that puts Predictive Score Marketing in the hands of agencies and marketers. TruSignal’s team brings decades of experience in data-driven marketing, predictive analytics and scalable Big Data management. TruSignal’s investors include Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners and Tenaya Capital. Learn more at or at the company’s Audience Matters blog and follow TruSignal on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

PFP Cybersecurity brings power analysis and artificial intelligence to IOT Security

September 4th, 2017 No comments

PFP Cybersecurity, a leader in embedded cybersecurity for IoT devices, will present “IoT Security – Power Analysis and AI” at the ST Developers Conference in Santa Clara, California, September 6, 2017. PFP’s CEO Steven Chen joins other cyber security thought leaders to present an interesting and unique approach to today’s problems at 11:45 am – 12:25 pm in the Mission City Ballroom.

According to Steven Chen, “PFP Cybersecurity’s unique approach for embedded integrity assessment utilizes side channel information, such as instantaneous power consumption to derive information about the internal execution status of the user’s ST Micro processor.”

Steven’s presentation showcases a security solution based on power analysis and Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Power Fingerprinting (PFP). Current hardware security features focus on protecting chip integrity. PFP protects the applications running on the chip. Power analysis has been used to steal cryptographic keys; PFP, however, uses it for detection, leveraging AI for scalability. Current MSSP security tools do not identify that a device has been hijacked. PFP can detect intrusions in machine time, enabling remediation within milliseconds, likely before damage can be done. Steven will look at how PFP technology works, its history, strengths and weaknesses, and its application on real IoT designs, as well as potential chip-level implementations to further reduce cost.

PFP Cybersecurity will also showcase its PowerIQ – Power Analytics through AI, which provides IoT security using machine learning to ferret out known good behavior. PFP’s embedded solution is effective for detecting both hardware and software threats and for detecting zero-day attacks on day zero, including malware, kernel rootkits, hardware Trojans and counterfeits. The PFP approach is independent of hardware, operating systems, applications, and context. While others attempt to “recognize” the attack signature, PFP detects minute changes in the electronic power profile to instantly detect and alert that an IoT device has changed its behavior.

About PFP Cybersecurity:
PFP provides IoT cybersecurity solutions to detect cyber-attacks in IoT hardware and software. Based on fundamental physics of the protected device, PFP detects tiny anomalies in power patterns to instantly catch attacks providing an early warning. PFP is implementable as a single-chip IoT solution or can be embedded into existing IoT device chips.

PFP has pioneered the concept of using analog power information to detect cyber-attacks in IoT. PFP provides an IoT security platform for brand protection enabled via PowerIQ SaaS. The PFP PowerIQ analytics can be on-the-cloud or on-premise for new and legacy Internet of Things. PFP Cybersecurity, an SBIR spinoff company, is based in Vienna, Virginia.

Location-based mobile marketing firm, Rover nabs $1.1 million in seed round

May 30th, 2016 No comments

An innovator in location-based mobile marketing using beacons and other technology, has raised $1.1 million in seed financing. The round included contributions from BDC Venture Capital and 500 Startups, as well as some of the most prominent angel investors in the marketing tech and SaaS industries.

Additionally, Rover has created a new advisory board comprised of four of the industry’s brightest minds in mobile, marketing technology and retail. The board will provide strategic counsel and guide the company as it enters its next growth phase.

Rover will use the new capital to enhance its location-based marketing platform, and strengthen its sales and marketing teams to support growth. The company will also intensify its hiring efforts in both Toronto and the Bay Area.

“Location-powered engagement is the single biggest trend taking shape in mobile right now and Rover is at the forefront of this market,” said Stuart Wheldon, partner with investment firm Wheldon Brothers Ltd. and former vice president at Eloqua Inc. “Rover has a strong ‘location-first’ vision combined with advanced technology and a great team. They are well positioned to lead this space.”

Rover serves as the missing link between beacon hardware and mobile engagement. Customers such as the Pittsburgh Penguins and Proctor & Gamble use its platform to create and deliver location-relevant information to their app users that enhance their on-site experiences and influence their behaviors. Using Rover’s CMS, mobile marketers can build and deploy rich campaigns within minutes with no coding required, and its advanced analytics provide engagement metrics that inform future campaigns. Rover’s SDK is open source and compatible with iOS and Android.

“Our vision for the future of proximity marketing goes beyond sales and extends to the customer experience,” said John Coombs, Rover CEO. “To help the market realize the full potential of this technology, we are eliminating hurdles to adoption, putting marketers in the driver’s seat and enabling engaging experiences because that’s what ultimately drives not just ROI, but also loyalty.”

Rover has experienced remarkable growth in a short period of time. Since completing the 500 Startups program, the company has increased its client base tenfold, actively engaged more than 7 million customers per month using location, and expanded its product to become the most comprehensive location-first mobile platform.

New Advisory Board to Guide Growth Rover has also created an advisory board consisting of four heavyweights who will contribute their collective mobile, retail, marketing, technical and business development expertise to guide Rover’s strategic growth initiatives.

Rover’s Advisory Board Members: Ryan Craver – Retail brand builder who is currently CEO of Trimfit and SVP of Lamour Group, and previously led department store strategy for Hudson’s Bay Company and Lord & Taylor Hansmeet Sethi – Mobile entrepreneur and startup advisor who currently serves as COO of Neighborly Stephen Statler – Principal consultant at Statler Advisors and authority in beacon technology applications Stuart Wheldon – Investor, advisor and former vice president at Eloqua Inc.

“I have witnessed firsthand the opportunity for the world’s largest brands to use beacon marketing and location to strengthen the customer experience and bridge the gap between digital and physical shopping,” said Craver. “Rover’s platform provides the ideal mix of location, mobile and experiences that will be a catalyst to drive this industry forward.”

Rover offers Basic, Professional and Enterprise subscription plans for its location-based mobile marketing platform, depending on the size and needs of the business.

About Rover
Rover is a location-based mobile marketing platform that helps retailers and brands deliver smarter, location-powered mobile content that creates enriching customer experiences. Leveraging beacon and geofence technologies, it enables companies to reach consumers on their mobile devices with targeted content that’s relevant to their physical location. The platform serves hundreds of locations in a number of key sectors, such as professional sports, retail, loyalty and tourism. Rover’s SDK is open source and, through its intuitive and graphical CMS, marketers can develop and deploy campaigns in real time without coding. For more information, visit Rover’s website or blog, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.



RNTS Media completes acquisition of Heyzap

January 9th, 2016 No comments

Acquisition of Heyzap, gives RNTS Fyber as well and the combination will assist RNTS to access over half a billion monthly active users globally. RNTS Media N.V. (“RNTS”), the parent company of Fyber GmbH, a leading mobile advertising technology platform, today announced that it has closed the acquisition of San Francisco-based Heyzap Inc. (“Heyzap”), a fast growing mobile advertising technology company, for up to $45 million. The deal consists of an initial cash consideration of $20 million, with potential earn-out payments in cash and shares of up to $25 million upon achievement of certain performance targets by 2017.

This acquisition instantly accelerates the scale and reach of Fyber to over half a billion monthly active users worldwide, creating one of the largest independent supply-side platforms available in the marketplace today, that offers publishers a robust suite of mobile app monetization tools and gives advertisers the ability to reach an expanded global mobile audience at scale.

The deal also bolsters Fyber’s suite of mobile app monetization tools and will deliver the following key benefits:
Expanded global reach and scale: Combining Heyzap’s reach of 130M Monthly Active Users (MAU) with Fyber’s 411M MAUs creates one of the largest independent mobile advertising technology companies globally.

Diversified sources of supply & demand: The acquisition increases the number of apps Fyber’s platform is integrated with to more than 7,600. Advertisers and ad networks will now benefit from Fyber’s increased global scale and enhanced mobile advertising inventory.

More robust tools: Mobile app and game developers as well as publishers will now have access to Fyber’s leading app monetization solutions, offering advanced, flexible and customized ad management tools that enable publishers to achieve the highest yield for their ad inventory. These include Fyber’s first-to-market mediation and ad exchange across a variety of formats, Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform and Publisher Ad Server.

“This marks an important milestone for Fyber, allowing us to deliver substantially broader global scale and reach for our demand partners, while offering a significantly expanded pool of advertising demand sources for publishers,” said Fyber cofounder and COO Janis Zech. “Both Fyber and Heyzap share core values and a dedicated mission to build the most advanced developer-friendly monetization platform that will fuel the app economy of the future. We look forward to welcoming Heyzap to the Fyber team.”

“The acquisition of Heyzap complements our strategy at RNTS to grow Fyber’s market position by playing an active role in the consolidation of the mobile advertising industry,” said RNTS Media CEO Andreas Bodczek. “As the proliferation of mobile devices continues to gather pace, we are dedicated to ensuring Fyber remains well positioned to support developers with industry-leading mobile app monetization products. We will continue to execute on this strategy in the coming year.”

Backed by Union Square Ventures, Qualcomm, Naval Ravikant, Y Combinator, and Ashton Kutcher, Heyzap was founded in 2009 by Jude Gomila and Immad Akhund, and was recently named one of the fastest growing companies in San Francisco by San Francisco Business Times. The Heyzap team will be joining Fyber, growing the company’s presence in San Francisco.

This marks the second acquisition for RNTS Media to strengthen and expand Fyber’s offerings, following the acquisition of Falk Realtime in April 2015. Falk Realtime’s ad server and SSP product suite are being integrated into the Fyber platform, creating a unified multi-screen ad tech platform for developers. RNTS will continue to innovate and invest in the development of cutting-edge technology solutions.

About RNTS Media
RNTS Media is a holding company focused on mobile advertising and digital content. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany and founded in 2010, it owns Fyber and BIGSTAR Global. RNTS Media is listed on the Prime Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange under symbol ‘RNM.’

About Fyber
Fyber is a leading mobile advertising technology company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with an office in San Francisco. We are devoted to solving the fundamental business challenge faced by freemium app and game developers, generating sustainable revenue streams through ad monetization across all connected devices. Built by developers for developers, Fyber’s unified platform serves approximately 411 million monthly active users and empowers thousands of the world’s leading app developers and publishers to integrate, manage and optimize all ad revenue sources across mediation, exchange and ad serving. Fyber is investing for the long term to build the platform that will fuel the app economy of the future.

Source: RNTS Media

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New mobile products and revamped platform from Medibrix to create emotional connections

August 11th, 2015 No comments

To meet the rapidly accelerating expectations of mobile brand advertisers, MediaBrix a global leader in delivering emotionally charged brand connections through contextually relevant ad campaigns announced the launch of its re-imagined products and platform to advertisers. Building on the success of its flagship platform, MediaBrix transformed its targeting and delivery of emotional moments to be more intelligent, sensory, contextual, seamless, and effective – giving brands and agencies the power to create meaningful connections with consumers on mobile devices. Popular with hundreds of global brands, including Coca-Cola, BMW and Nestle, and thousands of applications for its additive brand experiences, MediaBrix has become the industry standard for turning advertising moments into welcome and endearing user-brand interactions within mobile apps and games.

Mediabrix platform

Leveraging its in-stream analytics, MediaBrix’s re-engineered solution and delivery of ads precisely timed for Breakthrough Moments™ have deciphered how mobile users best connect with brands through apps; ultimately achieving campaign performance over 500 percent higher than other digital formats.
With these changes, brands and agencies can expect a completely unified experience between ads and the apps they appear in – from timing, to look and feel, to call-to-action. As an additional benefit, MediaBrix will also soon allow for programmatic purchasing of these high impact ad formats through a private marketplace. On the backend, the new products show off design continuity with a greater emphasis on enhanced human interaction and sensory marketing, including on-screen buttons ergonomically placed within thumbs reach on larger mobile devices, plus sound and haptics that stimulate the senses to enhance emotional reactions. Each of these factors ensure that brand campaigns are reaching users at the right moment, when they are most receptive to a contextualized and additive brand experience.

In a time when most mobile advertising is largely considered both interruptive and annoying, which is damaging brands and the user experience alike, MediaBrix has created the playbook for how to leverage neuromarketing techniques to ensure mobile in-app ads are well-received and actionable by real users. By testing hundreds of ad experiences in the MediaBrix Labs, the company was able to identify the formula that increased user receptivity and interaction. “The vast majority of mobile advertising solutions are poorly executed, ineffective holdovers from desktop strategies – resulting in worthless impressions and delivering a negative ROI for the advertiser and user. These limited options have become the catalyst for the ad industry to become lazy, complacent, and unimaginative, but MediaBrix is among the innovators attempting to stop another digital platform from being destroyed,” points out Ari Brandt, CEO of MediaBrix. “I’m incredibly proud and inspired by the work done here at MediaBrix, where we are disrupting an industry by taking the disruption out of the product, itself. And we’ve shown that when we can make users respond, smart brands marketers are fast to follow.”

Expectations are changing rapidly, and more brands and agencies are looking to see metrics backup return on investment, and sentiment growing stronger as a result of these engagements.

“Mobile advertising helps us reach our consumer base while they are engaged in-app, so our campaigns have higher visibility with a captured audience,” said DJ Perera, Director Consumer Marketing, Merial. “With MediaBrix, we had the flexibility to create custom content that was relevant to the consumers experience within the app. By connecting with them during pivotal moments in a premium environment, we are building brand awareness and forming bonds with consumers that we can nurture over time.”

About MediaBrix
MediaBrix delivers emotionally charged brand connections that maximize consumer receptivity during mobile advertising experiences. As the only solution of its kind, we Rescue, Rally and Reward users with our proprietary product suite when they are “emotionally available,” leading to in-app campaign engagement rates 500 percent higher than all other digital formats. Hundreds of the world’s top brands and thousands of leading app and game developers leverage the MediaBrix platform to deliver over 500 million contextually relevant Breakthrough Moments® to more than 200 million global mobile users each month, all with 100 percent viewability.

SOURCE MediaBrix