AdSafe Media launches new performance and profit analytics solution during Ad:Tech week

AdSafe Media launches new performance and profit analytics solution during Ad:Tech week

AD:TECH SF 2011 BOOTH #1713 — AdSafe Media, the rating standard of online media launches of AdSafe Performance Control, its new Performance and Profit Analytics Platform for agencies and advertisers. Developed in conjunction with several Fortune 500 brands and the online advertising industry’s leading digital agencies, AdSafe’s new platform can be used to determine attribution and effective buying strategies via real-time analytics that deliver critical and actionable data to help media buyers identify areas of opportunity and better monetize their display advertising campaigns.

“We are excited about the opportunities that this will afford our clients,” said David Hahn, SVP Product Management, AdSafe Media. “This new platform is a powerful tool which will help marketers understand and affect change on campaign performance and outcome as soon as the campaign goes live providing actionable insights in real time that improve buying decisions, campaign effectiveness and reducing make goods and increasing ROI.”

AdSafe’s Performance Control is currently in beta testing with several Fortune 500 brands and their agencies that are using the platform to:

Determine attribution and effective buying strategies
Determine correlation between conversions and media placement
Influence future buying decisions, improve media planning
Explore different attribution tests in real-time to affect change on campaign outcome

AdSafe’s Performance Control provides continuous, real-time analysis of a campaign as soon as it goes live offering rich metrics such as visible and invisible ad delivery, time of day and device type (i.e. tablets, mobile phone or desktop), conversions and media placement, among other key data points. Daily diagnostic metrics track the rating of inventory, enabling advertisers and agencies to easily improve campaign effectiveness by identifying areas of higher opportunity, performance, return and optimization.

About AdSafe Media
AdSafe Media is the rating standard of online media. AdSafe uses proprietary algorithmic modeling and human verification to rate the brand safety of content on commercially supported web pages via the AdSafe Content Rating System. AdSafe’s BrandSafe Firewall enables brands, agencies and ad-networks to prevent advertising from appearing on publisher web pages that do not conform to brand guidelines. AdSafe’s Network Monitor platform enables ad-networks and publishers to identify and segment problematic site content, increasing monetization of display inventory. AdSafe is headquartered in New York, NY with operations in California and London, England.

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